Monday, May 7, 2012

I've Got Spirit, Yes I Do! I've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?

Education is important in today’s society and finding the right school can be tough. Having a bachelor’s degree is now basically what having a high school diploma used to be – a minimum qualification for an entry level position. In my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, I happened upon a school that has everything I need and then some: Metropolitan State College of Denver. Had I not hated my community college experience so much and thought that attending a university was too expensive and therefore unattainable, I would never have even looked into my school, but I sure am glad I did.

Like most students, the road to deciding what exactly I want to do with my life has been a bumpy one; I have changed my major 3 times. When I first started, I was going to major in hospitality – I wanted to own and run a bed and breakfast. What made Metro a great fit for me at that point was the fact that they have an awesome hospitality program. What put them ahead of everyone else is the hotel they have for hospitality students to run. They provide a way for students to get some career experience before throwing them out into the “real world”, and that is something you just do not typically find at university, or any school really that is not what I guess you would call a “career college” or trade school.

After realizing I would not make much money in hospitality, I switched to business. That was short lived, because I soon came to the conclusion that it was not anything special; everyone and their mother majors in business and it probably was not going to get me anywhere at all. I finally settled on Chemistry, and let me tell you, it was a challenge to find something “out of the box” to do with it. I was delighted to find that Metro offered a criminalistics program, something I had not even heard of at any other school. Metro is even managing to take it one step further. On top of offering a program that no one else around has, they are stepping up with their dedication to providing students with real career experience. Metro has a partnership with the police department to offer students in criminalistics internships and jobs after completing school.

On top of their excellent dedication to helping students succeed, my school can give me a four-year degree at prices much closer to a community college. Since I am paying for my education, and then some – thank you interest rates – it is important that it be affordable. Tuition and fee rates at my school are about half that of the big universities around, and just a smidgen more than the community colleges; another thing I have not been able to find at any other school.

Clearly, Metro has a lot to offer students that most other schools do not even consider, and that is why I love it!

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Blog Number 1

Well, here I am trying to get scholarships -because who actually wants to pay for school - and it has come to my attention that many of these scholarships require blog posts. So, I've created a blog for that purpose. That, and, it also might be nice to relieve some of my crazy thoughts and feelings; major lack of a social life has left me a little... "insane in the membrane". Ha! Whelp, here goes nothing....

P.S. I guess I should introduce myself, so here are some facts about me:
-I wish my name was Summer.
-My favorite color is somewhere around lime green.
-I am 22 years old.
-I love summertime and sweet tea.
-I am obsessed with beautiful summer dresses and often buy them on impulse, however am generally much too lazy to put the effort into getting all dolled-up to wear them. Point being - I have a closet full of adorable dresses but stick to wearing jeans and t-shirts.
-I am pro- choice, gay marriage, socialized health care, and Obama, but you will probably never hear me discuss these issues. I am entitled to my opinion, and you are entitled to yours.
-Music makes my world go round.
-I love Chemistry. =]